The Fringe Dwellers – by Stuart Wilde

In my books I talk extensively about the Fringe Dwellers, people who don’t fit the norm. I say they are not hippy revolutionaries living rough, or social weirdoes; the one’s I speak of are ordinary people, you can’t tell them apart from others. It’s their minds that are different. They don’t relate to the rules and regulations of the status quo, the rhythms of a tick-tock life leaves them uninspired and listless.

I came to see how the Fringe Dwellers are in a different evolutionary spiral, because they aspire to belong to a world of higher consciousness, rather than have ideas and mores imposed upon them by a system that has corrupt values, one that often doesn’t really know what its talking about.

I feel sorry for the Fringe Dwellers; they suffer because they are marginalized—doors clang in their faces, people are subconsciously threatened by them, and often the Fringe Dwellers are tormented, stuck in a reality to which they do not belong; a reality that to them seems unjust and often pointless.

Many of the Fringe Dwellers’ lives are a bit hand-to-mouth as they try to convert their creativity into cash. It is a challenge to find enthusiasm in a stale world; ideally the Fringe Dwellers need to find a purpose and new direction in a system that is supportive of them and their beliefs, more of that below.

Here’s how to understand it in a new way: We humans are in a penal colony for fallen souls, called ‘life on earth’, nature is very beautiful, but circumstances here are often adverse, or painful, or downright dangerous. We have to accept our karma and not struggle against it, and then it is true many of us have done our ‘time’ here, we have served, and loved, and raised children, and we’ve done our best, so it’s time for us to be set free to a more supportive lifestyle and more freedom.

The Fringe Dweller mentality has positive aspects, a higher consciousness brings with it new perceptions and a faster energy, and the need to keep learning drives these people on to invest in collecting new experiences and learning more. It is brighter and more rewarding, albeit set in the context of difficult challenges.

The old world of tyrants and lies falls and gradually things are made new, a higher consciousness will always lead you towards the light, so be patient and have faith in that. One day, you will find yourself in a system that does not denigrate you, one that supports you to become ever more.

1)    Meditate and watch your dreams and visions for promptings

2)  Be in nature as much as possible, it cleans your energy and helps you see things clearly

3)  Be kind—love your tormentors

4) Think what you can do for others and do it each and every day

5)  Stay in tune with the seasons, be aware of the phases of the moon and the progression of the sun, watch the stars, much energy comes from these waves and movements and their pulses

6) Never fight with people or attempt to change them, love is letting people go

7)  Keep a noble attitude, suffer in silence as much as possible

8) Work on your fitness and health without it becoming an obsession

9) Seek out others of like mind, we survive in the future in small groups, you need people around you as added protection and help, and of course for friendship

10) Keep a level mind at all times—no fear, no anger

12) Have reverence for God and the Celestial Beings

13) Observe part of each day in silence and fast every so often.

The light has come but it may take time for tyranny to fall, and yet the Brave New World is gradually upon us, that now is guaranteed. Long term the light can’t lose, nor can you, if you stay steady and keep a calm mind with no emotion.

“Walk placidly amid the waste….” As ya man Stuie Wilde once said. (sw)

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